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The Albuquerque International District Festival is a neighborhood supported event, and our mission is to shine a light on the local businesses in our community.
We know your International District business is key to the continued growth of this annual festival, and also to the continued growth of our community.  All International District businesses that participate in the festival will be acknowledged through social media and at the event.
September 26, 2015
10 am – 5 pm
NM Veteran’s Memorial Park
1100 Louisiana Blvd SE
Untitled design
We want to make this the biggest and best Albuquerque International District Festival ever, and we we cannot do it without support and participation from our neighborhood. For information on how to participate, please contact:
Eileen at 505-918-9744; Eileentjessen@gmail.com or
Donna at 505-265-2511; dgeist80@santafecenterstudios.com.
Nonprofit Booth: $0 (provide your own table and chairs)
Nonprofit Booth: $150 includes table, chairs and tent
For profit Booth: $25 (provide your own table and chairs)
For profit Booth: $175 includes table, chairs and tent
Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AbqInternationalFestival
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Thank you for your participation in the past.
We look forward to working with and supporitng you again!

Rita’s Grand Opening

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Thank you to STEPS for the big help. It is very much appreciated. Thanks to their help we will be having our grand opening on schedule on Saturday the 21st at 11am. 10857312_984185704927819_5761425532212329147_o

Another local business created with the help of STEPS. Please contact us and let us help make your dreams of owning your own business come true.

New Life Coming to Old Route 66

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route_66Albuquerque is home to the longest, urban intact stretch of the original Route 66 highway, and the city and its partners are ready to look at the future of the road while preserving its treasured past. In November, the city passed the Route 66 Action Plan.

Check out this Video:  http://krqe.com/2015/01/15/new-life-coming-to-old-route-66/

Come Out and Enjoy the ABQ International Festival

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TEDx ABQ and STEPS Joint Presentation.

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The successful entrepreneur appears to walk on water, they just know where at the rack are. A joint presentation of TEDx ABQ and STEPS.

The successful entrepreneur appears to walk on water, they just know where the rocks are. A joint presentation of TEDx ABQ and STEPS.

TEDx ABQ Brings a GREAT Panel that will help you take your business to the Next Level!

TEDxABQ Salon | Entrepreneur

Another great SOLD OUT event!

 TEDxABQ Salon | Entrepreneur Photos
Successful entrepreneurs look like they walk on water . . .
they just know where the rocks are.
Thanks to ABQ for being an amazing audience! Our Entrepreneur salon was an engaging evening exploring the dynamics of entrepreneurism in Albuquerque. 
See all pictures on Flickr
Download our event program resource guideWatch the videos from the event
Check for our speaker videos on our Facebook page
TEDxABQ is a community where the spark of an idea becomes a movement with purpose. Join the movement.

Tim Nisly

Curator, TEDxABQ
To learn more, visit TEDxABQ.comI want to support TEDxABQ!

STEPS and TEDx Brought a Great Panel to Albuquerque

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The successful entrepreneur appears to walk on water, they just know where the rocks are. A joint presentation of TEDx ABQ and STEPS.


Brought Together a GREAT Panel in Albuquerque.

Here is a little about some of the panel members and a links to YouTube for more information.

Applying Moneyball Analytics When Launching Start-Ups
Bill Bice, Partner, Verge Fund
Bill Bice, a serial entrepreneur, shares his entrepreneurial journey and some key lessons he’s learned along the way.  Bill started his first company while a freshman in college, ProLaw Software, that landed on the Inc. 500 three years in a row, and since then, he has been actively involved in some of the hottest start-ups in New Mexico, including Attached Apps, Boom Time, Exemplify, Nuvita and SportXast.
Inspiring Others to Say “I Can” in a World of “I Can’ts”
Robin Brule’, Director, Innovation Central, Mayor Richard Berry, City of Albuquerque Living Cities Integration Initiative
Robin Brule’ shares her thoughts on leadership and how the Space Shuttle program inspired her life’s work and is a metaphor for team building and achieving seemingly unreachable goals.  Robin has been recognized locally and nationally for her work taking innovative ideas to scale and applying new tools and approaches to transform systems that serve vulnerable kids, families and communities including her recent work with the Living Cities Integration Initiative “to foster urban innovation and economic development nationwide, starting at the local level.”
Successful Leaders Build and Sustain Long Term Relationships 
Steve Cockram, Co-Founder, GiANT Worldwide, London
Steve Cockram’s shares his thoughts on leadership and human relations, and the importance for entrepreneurs to truly understand who they are and what it’s like for their family, friends and team to be on the other side of them.  Steve is the co-founder of GiANT Worldwide and travels extensively teaching, coaching and consulting around the simple message that when we become “leaders worth following” and have the capacity to “build leaders worth following,” we end up “leading organizations everyone wants to work for.”
Creating Educational Programs for Our Next Generation of Innovators
Dr. Katharine W. Winograd, President, Central New Mexico Community College
Dr. Katharine W. Winograd shares the lessons she has learned her and observations about innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism beginning with her grandmother who defined “ingenuity.”  Dr. Winograd, has lead the development of a long list of educational programs to support economic development including CNM’s most recent effort the STEMulus Center as part of Albuquerque’s new Innovation District.


STEPS Client Moves Forward with Boutique

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Model Call Digital Flyer

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STEPS Helps Client Leave the Corporate World Behind

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juliajones*600xx191-287-16-0STEPS Client Leaves Corporate life for Entrepreneur Endeavor!










ABQ Gets Prestigious “Living Cities” Grant

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Mayor Berry and Gary Oppedahl, Director Economic Development, Score Big for the Home Team:

City gets initial $100K grant to develop proposals, which could lead to millions in grants and loans.

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Central New Mexico Food Truck Doubles as a Classroom

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Central New Mexico’s Culinary Arts program wants to keep up with how the industry is evolving, and food trucks are the “next big thing.” As it turns out, the newest truck serving Albuquerque is actually a classroom for some students.

“The reality of a brick and mortar building, it’s a huge investment for students to overtake…the food truck industry is a great way for students to get their foot in the door, try it out and see,” CNM dean Donna Diller said.

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