Welcome to STEPS!

Albuquerque’s Entrepreneur Resource Team.



Your priorities are our deliverables

The hands-on, one-on-one personal style of business development, mentoring and project management provided by STEPS can be just the helping hand needed to launch, fix or expand most start-up enterprises.
STEPS is a no-charge, confidential 501c3 Business Development organization. We work with entrepreneurs and dreamers, most without written plans in varying stages of the start-up process.  Family owned and operated businesses make up a significant part of New Mexico’s economy. Many of STEPS clients are husband and wife partners.

Where do our clients come from?

Our clients come to us primarily through referrals, entrepreneurial networking activities such as 1 Million Cups, Catalyst Week, ABQid, etc. We also have a very active Facebook Page “STEPSabq” that connects with hundreds of locals on a daily basis. It is so “Informative” that Google puts us in the first “Natural” listing for “Entrepreneur Albuquerque” in either order.

STEPS is all about you – the business owner

The process

Discovery: What are your needs and priorities? We help you discover your unique offerings, priorities and value propositions. We become your “Outsourced Business Development department and project management specialists”.

Your team

To start or run a business by yourself is difficult at best – having a team really does help. There are three essentials to creating your business – a great product or service, good marketing, and essential financials.
We are Entrepreneurial specialists. We can help with business plans, market plans, social marketing and or financial assistance for your small business or nonprofit organization. Our Executive Director will meet with you personally to discuss your dreams and plans, helping you work through the reality of doing business in the Albuquerque area and beyond. On your timetable, we guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and provide ongoing information and support.

Call us today to begin the journey…..

A value proposition

Does every company need a chief Entrepreneur or Business Development Director?
Does your company need a future?
Do you want to disrupt your industry?
Firstly, companies need to move beyond traditional R&D, technology and product innovation to focus on new value propositions and business models.
It also means creating an entirely new organizational structure in which exploitation and exploration can co-exist and growth can thrive.
A Chief Entrepreneur or “Outsourced” Business Development Director could be the solution to lead the exploration efforts. He, she or a team will have direct access to, and the authority of the CEO to focus exclusively on inventing the company’s future. This Chief Entrepreneur manages a team of entrepreneurs, who in turn will manage a portfolio of innovation experiments, and is the guardian of the company’s innovation culture.
STEPS can do this for you. Give us a call for conversation about the future.
“After 13 years running corporate restaurants I broke away and began the process of opening my own food truck. With the overwhelming amount of tape to get though legally as well as the interpretation of a very outdated zoning law, John and the team at STEPS are invaluable. When your dream is on the line, seek the knowledge of the people that have been there and done that, and want to see local entrepreneurs succeed. Alas, Manic Munchies Food Truck is open for business, and even still, John cares enough to check in and guide our path. Thank you, for everything! Recommended to everyone!”  M. White


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